Digital DJ playing funky Deep House
Freakomatic, melodic, hypnotic, funky House Tunes.

Playing trumpet in the 80s in a bavarian brass band // in the late 90s Electronic Shift to "nassforsch": a LiveAct with GrooveSynth "Roland JX305" // in 2003 "Swimfast" - Project with Mycrotom // from 2003 until 2009 Gigs with Beatznbytez and Mongkong // Since 2005 Funkroboter DJ with Soul, Funk & Jazz Tunes // since 2013 Digital Deep House & Techno DJ with Trumpet live Tunes

  • Funk is eternity.
    Albert Einstein
  • Deep House Music is like a swimming pool. You dive into it, but you can't see how deep it is.
    George Washington
  • Dancing is communication between body and soul.
    Edgar Allen Poe


Just listen and feel it.